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Doosan Industrial vehicle is a major force in the global market for material handling equipment. The South Korean Company, Doosan Industrial Vehicle, started in manufacturing forklifts in 1968, and the annual output capacity now stands at 35,000 high-quality forklifts in more than 150 different models.

Doosan forklifts has secured unrivalled leadership in the domestic market by improving the cost structure and enhancing product competitiveness. Meanwhile, they developed variable hydraulic system technologies for engine-powered forklifts and a new line of Tier-III-compliant forklifts ranging from 2 to 8 tons as part of Doosan program to create next generation, models that are better for the environment and more fuel efficient. Doosan is also working on hybrid power systems for electrical-powered and heavy-duty engine-powered forklifts models. Doosan are the number one supplier in the Korean market, with an accumulated production volume in excess of 380,000 forklifts.

Doosan infracore right now has more than 400 dealers in more than 90 countries all around the world.

We invite you to visit Doosan forklifts website http://www.doosan-iv.com to get more details.


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Hino Ceremony


Toyota Al- Iraq Company –the Exclusive dealer for Toyota Vehicles, Hino trucks and Buses in Iraq has appointed Sardar Automobile and Machinery trading Company as dealer for Hino trucks and Buses at the 2nd of March 2017

and the agreement had been signed between Toyota Al Iraq Company represented by Mr.Ryusuke miyake – Chief Executive Officer and Mr.Rawand Khalid –Deputy General Manager of Sardar automobile and Machinery Co. Sardar Machinery strongly presented in Iraqi Market by represent well-known brands and performed with high skilled engineers and technicians which leads to obtain a good market reputation in the past six years . With this agreement we will be towards stronger than before to contribute the Iraqi society by supplying best fit products along with full total support to our customers. By this we will return back the history of Hino trucks to Iraq.

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